Volunteers/Course Officials

Volunteers/Course Officials

Volunteers/Course Officials

Volunteer Course Officials are required at Interschools events to create fair and safe courses for the competitors.

It is a condition of entry that schools provide a volunteer course official for every 6 Snowboard event entries, for every 11 Skiing event entries (except Alpine) and for every 8 Alpine Skiing event entries. The online entry system will inform the schools coordinators of how many volunteer positions are required as they register their school entries.

Schools must register volunteers via the online entry system and allocate them to available ski or snowboard events. Volunteer positions at each event are filled on a first come first serve basis, however it is expected that schools allocate their volunteers fairly across events with longer event duration's and not monopolise shorter duration events. Schools that do not allocate required volunteers to available events will be allocated required positions in the week prior to the event.

Who can be a Course Official?

Volunteer Course Officials can be teachers, parents or other responsible adults. It is advisable that you do not volunteer on the same course you are a Team Manager on. Volunteers can undertake course official positions on more than one course.

Course Officials Guidelines and Briefings

All volunteers will be briefed in the start area of each event 15 minutes prior to course inspection. It is very important that Volunteers understand the various Course Officials positions undertaken at Interschools events before they volunteer. We recommend that all Volunteers read the Course Official Guidelines.

Please click here to download the Course Officials Guidelines.

Volunteer Roster

Interschools endeavours to publish the Volunteer Course Officials Roster at the same time as the Race Schedule for the Championships, which will be 7 days prior to the Championships. Interschools will allocate the volunteers to the roster as best as they can as indicated in the online entry system.

Volunteer Course Officials Lift Tickets

Volunteers are entitled to a free of charge lift ticket on the day they are volunteering.  This lift ticket can only be used by the Course Official if they do not already have a lift pass or season pass.

Course official lift tickets can be collected at the Event Office located in Alpine Central up to 6pm the night before or from 7am on the morning of the event

How long do I Volunteer for?

Volunteers are required to be on course 15 minutes before the course inspection time until all competitors on the course have finished their race. It is difficult to estimate how long a course takes to complete as it is determined by the number of competitors on the course, snow conditions, etc but it can take anywhere between 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

What happens on the day if I cannot Volunteer?

In the event that you cannot fulfill your volunteer course official’s position your school must provide a replacement for you to fulfill your role. Failure to do so may result in a $200 fine and sanctions on the school.

Volunteer Tips

Please be prepared for all weather conditions when you are volunteering on our courses and make sure you have clothing options for all conditions!

Gate keepers can be the most exposed to the elements and will be standing or sitting down for the duration of the course. You will be required to write notes in this position so please bring either inner gloves or similar that you can write with.