Victorian Interschools Committee

Victorian Interschools Committee Overview

Snow Australia is Australia’s peak body for snowsports.  Its Board is elected by Snow Australia Members, it is predominantly Federal Government funded and is affiliated with the Australian Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation.

The Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships has a long and proud history, benefitting from the involvement of a parade of eminent volunteers and supporting organisations all of whom rightly claim a sense of ownership of the event.  Snow Australia, in its capacity as the peak body remains the custodian, and its responsibilities for the Event are undertaken by the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Committee (VISC).

In turn, VISC will gain representation on the Snow Australia National Interschools Committee, which amongst other things will provide a forum for all state based Interschools Committees.

In broad terms, the composition of VISC membership reflects the “three pillars” of Interschool Snowsports being:

  • Education;
  • Snowsports; and
  • Host Alpine Resort.

While the responsibility for the operation and delivery of the Event rest with Mt Buller as a whole, the core mandate of VISC is to provide an expert interface between:

  • Mt Buller, as the provider of the Event; and
  • key participating stakeholders being Victorian Schools and Snowsports.

All stakeholders have agreed that the core purposes of the Event are to:

  • increase schools’ participation in Snowsports ;
  • deliver  a high quality Interschools event;
  • provide an affordable Interschools event; and
  • provide opportunities for Australian school students of all ages to experience Snowsports and to participate at either a recreational or competitive level.

All Members of VISC have sensitivity to the competitive school sport environment and the challenges of encouraging participation in snowsport activities.  Notwithstanding any inevitable industry connections, Members demonstrate and maintain a holistic approach to overseeing this important event for snowsports and industry alike.  In this regard, the Committee is populated on the basis of relevant expertise and empathy rather than direct representative basis.  This ensures the priority of the Committee will be the betterment of the Interschools Events rather than the narrower agendas of particular stakeholder sectors.

VISC operates as a Committee of and is resourced by Snow Australia.  This means that all appointments, including election of the Chair, are be subject to Snow Australia Board approval.

The current membership of VISC comprises the following individuals.

John Dyson (Chair)

Dean Gosper                      Snowsports

Hugh Whan                         Snowsports

Michael Kennedy                Snowsports

Alistair Guss                        Snowsports

Cameron Cutchie                Education

Skye Stansfield                    Education

Ian March                             Education

Sophie Rigg                          Education

Stephen Green                      Education

Mark Bennetts                      Host Resort

Nick Whitby                          Host Resort

VISC is also supported by


David Speirs                         Event Manager

Steve Nelson                        National Participation and Sport Development Manager at Snow Australia

VISC acknowledges past Interschools Chairmen and Life Members

The Victorian Interschools Committee as part of the 60th Year of the Victorian Interschools celebrations wish to acknowledge Chairmen and Life Members of previous entities that have Managed the event over many years. Collectively, these individuals have provided the vision and leadership that has seen more and more Victorian school children enjoy participation and competition across an exciting array of events in an alpine environment.

Chairmen; Mike Tinsley, Roger Kemelfield, Michael David, Tom Swan, David Perkins, Leigh Crang, Debbie Bennett    
Life Members: Rino Grollo, Diana Grollo, Roger Kemelfield, Debbie Bennett, Jane Webster, David Perkins, Martin Soutter, Neil McLennan, David Hibbard 

SSA - Targeting increased participation in Snowsports and opportunities for tomorrows champions

Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) is launching a number of new initiatives over the next 12 months aimed specifically at increasing awareness and participation in Snowsports, together with nurturing and supporting emerging talent across all Snowsports disciplines.

The arrangements for the hosting of the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships and the National Interschool championships when held in Victoria provide for direct investment into this participation and sport development area. The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has also provided additional funding to SSA for 2015/16 for increased activity on participation initiatives.

Under the terms of the Victorian Interschools Hosting Agreement, Ski and Snowboard Australia receives an annual License Fee. The Hosting Agreement places no directives on the application of the License Fee. However, the Board of SSA has determined that it be applied broadly in support of SSA’s participation and emerging talent initiatives. Naturally this involves school-aged children. This includes an annual allocation to the newly formed SSA Foundation, and a direct investment into SSA participation programs and pathway activities.

SSA is in collaborative discussions with NSW and ACT with a view towards a whole-of-sport approach to philanthropy and these various development level investments.

SSA’s participation and emerging talent initiatives currently centre around four pillar activities, with an additional, significant project to be announced shortly. Two of SSA’s critical strategic priorities are to increase the relevance of Snowsport in Australia and to increase the talent pool. These initiatives comfortably align with those stated aims.

Sporting Schools – Little Shredders

  • Sporting Schools is an Australian Sports Commission (ASC) program available to all Australian primary schools.
  • 32 Sports selected to deliver programs. SSA is one of these National Sporting Organisations (NSO)
  • Funding is available to schools to “sign up” for programmes developed by the NSO’s. These activities can be delivered to children before, during and after school 
  • Aims to engage more than 850,000 children and 5,700 Schools across Australia in what will be the country’s largest school-based participation programme ever
  • SSA has developing an exciting, fun, interactive snowsport experience under the name “Little Shredders”
  • Little Shredders will launch in the coming months and will include an opportunity for those schools that participate in Little Shredders programs to transition to a subsidised on snow experience.
  • More details to come. Visit


  • Skiing and snowboarding are among Australia’s largest and most popular participation sports. As a recreational sporting activity, the appeal to both genders and all age groups is virtually unmatched as a whole-of-family activity.
  • Approximately 1.2 million Australians participate in the sport of skiing and snowboarding on a regular basis.  This is on par with some of Australia’s largest community sports including tennis, golf and cycling.
  • It is estimated that over 25,000 individuals compete in skiing and snowboarding events each winter. The large majority of these individuals participate at a recreational or citizen level whether through club races, corporate races, school-based events or ski/snowboard school competitions.
  • Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) seeks to register every competitor and recreational participant in snowsport competitions at all levels in order to emphasise and promote the benefits of snowsport competition.
  • Snowracer is a joint initiative supported by the Australian Sports Commission and all Australian resorts via the Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA).
  • The principal benefit offered to individuals who register with the Snowracer program is a customised Personal Accident insurance cover for participation in any bonafide snow sport competition throughout Australia including Interschools competition.
  • In addition to the insurance offering, SSA will engage with the Snowracer community through the website The site will, over time, include advice on equipment, equipment maintenance and overview basic event rules and advice for conduct, preparation and performance.
  • Snowracer website:

SSA Futures

  • SSA Futures is a Ski & Snowboard Australia athlete development and talent identification program. SSA Futures has a vision to further develop the opportunities and resources for athletes involved in the SSA athlete pathway. SSA Futures programs aim to:
  • Bridge the gap between Interschools competition participation and involvement in seasonal SSA Pathway Programs
  • Introduce developing athletes to elite sporting opportunities and elite sports people
  • Increase knowledge of the athlete pathway, selection criteria and the various opportunities, resources and programs available to Australian snow sports athletes
  • Establish a consistent and unified approach to Long Term Athlete Development
  • Engage National Team athletes and programs in pathway development initiatives
  • Provide athletes with superior technical coaching and performance opportunities
  • Showcase 'what it takes' to become an elite athlete
  • Encourage involvement in SSA domestic ski/snowboard events
  • SSA Futures engages our elite, national team athletes and programs across multiple disciplines to deliver a unique program in which participants are able to receive technical coaching, mentoring, and pathway direction from athletes that have successfully gone through the pathway. Utilising the world class training venues and facilities that our national team athletes train on and with the support of our national team athletes and head coaches, SSA Futures aims to achieve a consistent message of Long Term Athlete Development and direct more developing athletes into pathway programs.
  • In 2015 programs will be operated in Park & Pipe, Moguls, SBX, Ski Cross, Alpine and Cross Country.
  • For more info:

Emerging Talent Scholarship Program

  • The SSA Emerging Talent scholarship aims to provide individualised support and fast tracked pathway opportunities to a very select athlete cohort identified by SSA coordinated activity (such as SSA Futures, Pathway Program activity, Junior Events, etc).
  • The SSA Emerging Talent Scholarship program will target athletes identified as being capable of progressing through the pathway to achieve results at the highest level. It is aimed to allow the sports system to have meaningful engagement with identified athletes and prepare them for when they reach an underpinning institute supported program. SSA will seek to identify a select group of approximately 10 athletes in Winning Edge identified disciplines and facilitate their individualised performance plan.
  • The SSA Emerging Talent Scholarship program will aim to facilitate support such as;
    • Elite athlete mentorships
    • Individual Performance Planning and Program Management
    • Management of DTE and servicing including the placement with sport program providers
    • AIS Training Camps
    • Discipline Specific Performance Camps
    • Access to facilities and athlete services
    • Financial contribution to support individualised training requirements
  • SSA is in the process of developing a list of targeted athletes and will begin the process of engagement shortly.
  • In time an expression of interest process will evolve to provide athletes an opportunity to apply for scholarship support. This will be publicised via the SSA website and enews.

For additional information or comment please contact Ski & Snowboard Australia via email on