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2020 Season membership Early Bird sale ends October 31 2019

Don’t miss out – Early Bird sale ends 31 October 2019

Ride for all 2020 snow season for just $799 for adults and $449 for kids

Season Members enjoy unlimited skiing and boarding at Mt Buller and a host of other benefits:

  • Lift passes and accommodation deals at international sister resorts
  • Discounts at Buller Ski Lifts operated venues in resort (ABOM, Spurs and Tirol)
  • 50% discounts on single day passes at Mountain Collective resorts (excluding affiliates) during the 2019/20 and 2020/21 northern hemisphere seasons (bonus value!), PLUS the 2020 southern hemisphere snow season. Please contact your desired resort for redemption process.

Lift Passes and Accommodation offers at international Sister Resorts including*:

Discounts at Mt Buller during 2020 including:

  • 10% discount1 on Ski & Snowboard School Adult/Teen Classes, Buller Kids Class Lessons (7-14 yrs) and Private Lessons for the holder.
  • 10% discount1 on lesson price for 5 & 6 year olds wishing to partake in Bunyip lesson (3-6) programs. Please note that Bunyip (3-4 yrs) products are not eligible for discounts.
  • 10% discount1 on rental and retail purchases at all Buller Sports Mansfield, Central, Horse Hill, Ski School and Chalet Boutique and Altitude Freeride.
  • 10% discount1 when dining at the ABOM Café and Bar, Moosehead Bistro & Bar, Tirol Café and Spurs
  • Free Twilight Skiing and Boarding in 2020

1 Not included with Over 70 or Under 5 memberships. Discounts are applied to full retail prices only. Discount not applicable on seasonal programs or off-peak private lessons. Discounts only valid at the time of purchase.


Resort Entry Season Passes are also on sale!

Get in before the price rise and save with the Early Bird deal for a 2020 Resort Entry Season Pass On sale now for just $450 until 31 October 2019.


Registrations close Oct 30 - 2019 National Participation Conference

On behalf of Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) and the SSA National Participation Committee, it is our pleasure to invite Interschools Snowsports Coordinators, Industry Representatives and our Community to attend the 2019 National Participation Conference, in Canberra on Thursday 7th & Friday 8th November.

As the first Olympic sport in Australia to unify to a single governing body, SSA endeavours to connect with pathway partners; to inform, engage and inspire our sport to move in a single national direction.

‘Building Participation in Snowsports & Creating Champions’ will deliver key learnings, provide tools and insights, and create opportunities for discussion and feedback.

The conference explores the key areas of:

  • Industry – Unique Insights from Sport and the Snowsports Industry
  • Participation – Connecting with our Community to Inspire, Engage and Encourage Greater Participation
  • Schools – Developing sustainable, safe and successful School Snowsports programs
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Learning about the opportunities available for Disabled Wintersports Participants
  • A Systems Approach – Exploring what this means for Snowsports and our community, with an emphasis on developing an evidence-based approach to collectively achieve great outcomes

The Conference dates are structured to coincide with the inaugural Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards to be held on the Thursday evening – 7th November at QT Canberra.

SSA looks forward to providing an array of networking opportunities, sharing knowledge, showcasing best practice, and to create an environment that collectively builds participation and future champions.

CLICK HERE for the Conference Program

CLICK HERE to Register. 

Nominations for the SSA Community Sport Awards Close in 1 Week

Ski & Snowboard Australia is calling on the snow sports community to recognise outstanding achievements and contributions from athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs, schools, resorts, administrators and programs at the development and pathway level of snow sports.

Nominations close October 11, 2019. Finalists will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event with winners announced at the SSA Community Sport Awards.

Schools are encouraged to make nominations for the following award categories:

  • Snowsports School of the Year
  • Outstanding School Achievement in Snowsports
  • Spirit of Interschools Award
  • Snowsports Official of the Year
  • Snowsports Pathway Initiative Award
  • Snowsports Young Achiever of the Year
  • Service to Snowsport

Award categories may have finalists, with the opportunity to announce these in the weeks leading up to the awards. Winner(s) are to be announced on the night. Each category will have its specific criteria.




The inaugural Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) Community Sport Awards will be held in Canberra on Thursday November 7th. 

Established to compliment the Australian Ski & Snowboard Performance Awards held annually in May in Melbourne, the SSA Community Sport Awards have been established to acknowledge and recognise athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs, schools and programs at the development and pathway level of snow sports. 

The SSA Community Sport Awards aims to develop into a significant Awards and celebration evening, to be held annually In the Northern States/Territories. 

In 2019, the awards are being held during the SSA National Participation & Development Conference.


  • Snowsports School of the Year
  • Outstanding School Achievement in Snowsports
  • Spirit of Interschools Award
  • Snowsports Official of the Year
  • Snowsports Pathway Initiative Award
  • Snowsports Young Achiever of the Year
  • Emerging Talent Snowsports Athlete Awards
  • Snowsports Club Coach of the Year
  • Snowsports Club of the Year
  • Service to Snowsport



Clubs, discipline and management committees, schools, resorts, program providers may forward nominations via a representative. 

To submit your nomination please consider the following details:

  • Achievements must fall within the period November 2018 to October 2019, except for the service to snowsport awards.
  • Read the Selection Criteria thoroughly and ensure that your nominee meets these.
  • Ensure that the nominee is informed about, and has accepted, the nomination you will be putting forward
  • Submit the online nomination via the links below. Nominations will only be accepted via the official online nomination forms with all questions answered.


2020 Mt Buller Season Membership includes Sept 2019

It’s here! The 2020 Season Membership is ON SALE NOW and the Early Bird rate is still frozen for the 7th year in a row - ONLY $799 for adults $449 for kids!

The snow quality is great right now, creating fun conditions for skiers and snowboarders. BUY NOW and ski and board for the rest of the season – and make the most of the spring goodness!
Your 2020 Season Membership includes a mountain of benefits: 
•    Unlimited lift access for 2020 PLUS all of Spring 2019
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•    Access to amazing pass and accommodation offers at Mt Buller’s International Sister Resorts
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2XU Primary Participant Growth winners

Womens compression

Congratulations to all of the Primary School Coordinators that have worked very hard to coordinate their Interschools communities.

The winners of the 2XU Primary Participant Growth prizes are

Schools with 5 or less participants in 2018

  • Fitroy North Primary School amazing effort with 39 new participants $800 of 2XU products
  • Mentone Grammar with 8 new participants $500 of 2XU products

Schools with 6 or more participants in 2018

  • MLC with an increase of 18 new participants $1000 of 2XU products
  • Haileybury with an increase in 14 participants $700 of 2XU products

Congratulations to all amazing effort.

2019 SSA National Snowsports Participation & Development Conference

QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit - Thursday 7 + Friday 8 November

This is the first of two major Participation initiatives for 2019.

More than 200 School Snowsports Coordinators and industry representatives from resorts, clubs, the SIA, APSI, and private providers are expected to attend. The Conference coincides with the new SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards (details below) to be held on 7 November.

The conference will include keynote speakers, panelist discussions and workshops involving representatives from Australian sporting organisations, resorts and clubs, as well as coaches, former athletes and snowsports research academics.

Day 1 – Thursday 7 November – ‘Framing and Developing’ Snowsports Participation – 10am to 4.00pm

  • Framing Participation: Trends in Sport, Snowsports and Industry
  • Developing Participation: Snowsports Athlete Pathways - from Participation to High Performance
  • Inaugural 2019 SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards – 6.00pm to 10pm

Day 2 – Friday 8 November – ‘Planning and Inspiring’ Snowsports Participation – 9.00am to 2.45pm

  • Planning Participation: Snowsports Risk Management, Child Safe Sport Strategies, Participation Event Rules & Guidelines
  • Inspiring Participation: Athlete Pathway from School to the Olympic Games, through the inspirational & aspirational lens of previous and current Olympic Snowsports Athletes & Coaches.

The SSA working group is finalising conference presenters and facilitators, with a view to seeking NESA accreditation for conference attendees. The cost to attend all sessions, including lunch, morning & afternoon tea, plus attendance and dinner/drinks at SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards, is between $350-$450 per person. The final cost will be released when initial registration papers are released in May.

2019 SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards

QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit - Thursday 7 November – 6.00pm to 10.00pm

This is the second of two major Participation initiatives for 2019.

Established to compliment the annual Australian Ski & Snowboard Performance Awards, the SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards will acknowledge and recognise development and pathway level athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs, schools, resorts, administrators and programs. More than 300 attendees are expected.

An SSA working group is managing this initiative and the wider Snowsports community will be consulted on the areas of the sport that should be recognised.

The long term objective is to develop the Awards into an annual event that promotes and acknowledges SSA Programs and Activities at Community – Participation – Development – Pathways levels. A legacy component will recognise former and high-profile members of the Australian Snowsports community, in a National Snowsports Hall of Fame, a Legacy List, and enduring Life Membership.

Further details will be released mid-year.

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To celebrate our partnership with the Victorian Interschool's Snowsports Championships, we are extending an additional 5% off all new snow holiday accommodation packages to USA and Canada, booked before Aug 31, 2019.

**Simply quote the code 'Interschools5' on booking to enjoy an additional 5% off your 2019/20 North American snow holiday.

For more information or to view our current specials see links below;

Lydias Recovery Tips

After an action packed day on the slopes or after any intense activity, it’s good to get into the habit of a consistent recovery routine. With good recovery, your body has the chance to recharge and repair so that you can feel fresh for the next day and can back up the activity with the same intensity. Here are my essentials to a successful recovery routine:

Stay hydrated!
Ideally you want to replenish your fluid whilst exercising, but sometimes that is not easy nor practical - especially if you're out on the slopes! So make sure you get plenty of water post exercise. Water supports every metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body so it’s super important!

Eat Recovery Foods
You should try to eat within 60 minutes post exercise. Make sure you include some high-quality protein and carbohydrates. My favourite recovery snack is cottage cheese mixed with yoghurt and sprinkled on top are blueberries, seeds and nuts. Yum!

Make sure you stretch out your major muscle groups like: upper and lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes & hips or anywhere that feels limited or stiff. Breathe deeply through each stretch and try to get a little deeper on each exhalation.

Self massage
Spend some time on self-massage. I don’t travel anywhere without my massage ball, yoga mat and foam roller. These items are essential! You can use a foam roller or a firm massage ball to release tight muscles and fascia. Once you find a ‘tight spot’ or a spot that feels tender, keep the pressure on the spot until it releases and then move onto the next area of tightness. It’s not very comfortable, but super affective in releasing tension and preventing injury.

Hot & Cold
A simple way to feel refreshed and recharged is by alternating between hot and cold. The theory behind this method is that by repeatedly constricting and dilating blood vessels helps remove (or flush out) waste products in the tissues. You can do this in the shower by alternating between hot and cold water flow. Try alternating between 1 minute cold and 1 minute hot. You can also alternate between and ice bath and a warm shower or hot tub. Do at least 3 rounds and with practice try and increase your time in the cold.

If you have an injury, you must learn how to manage it. Seek a medical opinion so that you can get guidance and the appropriate treatment. An essential recovery step for me has always been icing. Ice helps reduce pain, swelling and inflammation naturally and a big part of my recovery routine which is why I developed BodyICE in the first place!
Caution: Don’t ice before exercise. It’s important to warm up your muscles and joints before any kind of activity.
If you’ve sustained an injury follow the RICE method:

Rest. Stop the activity and never push through an injury. You’ll just make it worse.
Ice. Apply an icepack to the injured area for 10-20 minutes at a time, several times a day, for 48 hours.
Compression. Compress the area to help decrease swelling.
Elevation. Raise the affected area above your heart to help decrease swelling.

Our BodyICE Recovery icepacks allow you to effectively execute the RICE Method as you’ll be able to compress the injured areas whilst icing with our joint specific stretchy neoprene straps.

Last but not least, you need to get good quality sleep. During sleep, your brain is able to rest, you're central nervous system is able to re-energise and your body produces growth hormone which is largely responsible for tissue growth and repair. Amongst many functions, your central nervous system is responsible for triggering muscle contraction, reaction time and response to pain. When you deprive your body of sleep you start degrading muscle growth and repair which could result in you becoming slower, weaker and less co-ordinated and risking injury. We all feel the difference when we haven't had a good night sleep. We feel tired, unmotivated and sluggish, so make it a priority to get a good nights sleep so that you can charge the next day! 
The key to recovery is making it routine  - it becomes just part of what you do on a daily basis, so that you can continue to push yourself physically and mentally and continually improve. Got get em!
- Lydia x
 PS: Don’t forget to claim 30% off site wide by using the discount code ‘Interschools19’.

How Camp Quality help families dealing with Cancer

How your donations are helping families in Victoria

“When our 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Camp Quality were quick to reach out to our family and offer their support. We became part of the Camp Quality family. We were so excited to be invited to take part in the Camp Quality Snow Camp. Olivia had just finished her chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was gaining her strength back, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to spend time as a family and have a weekend of fun together with other families going through the battle of childhood cancer. It was a chance to forget about hospital and tests. Camp Quality took care of everything from accommodation, meals, snow gear and transport. We had a blast tobogganing, making snowmen, snow tubing and playing laser tag. In the evening it was a chance to have a delicious meal with the other parents whilst the kids watched a movie under the care of the amazing Camp Quality volunteers. Snow Camp was so much fun for our family during a time in our lives where there wasn’t too much fun, we thank you Camp Quality for giving us this weekend together because laughter really is the best medicine!” Christine, Camp Quality mum

Please help us reach our goal of $37,500 by donating through the link below


XTM Performance are excited to offer one lucky Interschools competitor the chance to become the next XTM Sponsored Rider for 2020.

Hosted on Instagram, the competition is asking you to share your best photo in XTM gear along with the tag #XTMfuturechamps.

With up to $3000 worth of XTM gear up for grabs, this is one exciting competition offered exclusively to all Interschools Snowsports Championship riders.

Click here If you want to learn more about the competition and the winning prize up for grabs See poster

High Fluoro wax rule

The Victorian Interschools Committee have adopted a rule banning High Fluoro wax and Fluorocarbon liquid sprays at all ski and snowboard Interschools events. The contributing factors to this rule coming into place are:

  • Recommendation from the Ski and Snowboard Australia Alpine Committee
  • Desire to create a more even playing field in an entry level event such as Interschools
  • FIS are moving to a ban on High Fluoro wax in the 2020 season
  • North American and European countries shift away from High Fluoro wax at Junior levels
  • Minimise the possible environmental and health impact of using High Fluoro wax 

While the rule will be based on an honour system and peer group review, Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect or test waxing practices in the interest of fairness. 

Whilst traces of High Fluoro wax may exist on skis from a previous event deliberate Hi Fluoro waxing the night prior or on the day of the event is prohibited. 

The Victorian Interschools Committee has every confidence that participating schools, parents and competitors will respect this new rule

Complete stop race rule

Following similar rule directions around the world at Junior Alpine Ski Racing the complete stop rule has been implemented at the Victorian Interschools in 2019.

7.8 Disqualifications
A racer abandons if he or she comes to a complete stop on the course. The racer must exit to the
side of the course as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the next racers run. They will
record a DNF for that run.


  • A racer if impeded by a course worker, another skier or a gate down etc they may pull off to the side of the course, not go through the finish and request a re-run.
  • If a competitor misses a gate and does not come to a complete stop can skate up and around the missed gate and continue.
  • In the event of a competitor losing a ski without coming to a complete the competitor may choose to continue on one ski.

2019 Mogul Ski World Victorian Interschools Cross Country Championships

What a great day of Interschools Cross Country competition we had on Tirol Flat. Congratulations to all participants who made up the 760 event starts, as well as our Champion Schools.

  • Primary Boys         Scotch College Junior
  • Primary Girls         Lauriston
  • Primary Co-Ed       Falls Creek Primary
  • Secondary Boys    Melbourne Grammar
  • Secondary Girls     St Catherines
  • Secondary Co-Ed  Geelong Grammar 

Camp Quality Family Camp Fundraiser

Victorian Interschools Snowsports Family Camp Fundraiser

Help CAMP QUALITY fund a FAMILY CAMP and give families impacted by cancer a chance to laugh and create fun memories in the snow!
Please help us reach our goal of $37,500 by hosting an event at your school or business or by making a generous donation through the link below.

Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. Our services and programs are made specifically to help children 0 -13 who are dealing with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, like a brother, sister, mum or dad. We are there for them through the daily ups and downs of cancer, providing opportunities to laugh, make friends and have new adventures. In 2018 Camp Quality raised funds to ensure over 8,000 kids who were registered for our services and programs had the chance to just be kids again 
Family Camps are an opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and make new connections with families in a similar situation. This builds their tool kit of resources for the ongoing experiences they face and can create lifelong friendships. It is an opportunity to relax and make memories not centred on sickness -often for the first time since a diagnosis. 

Lydia's Dynamic Warm-UP

As Interschools approaches, you’ll want to get your body conditioned and ready for action.

Check out this 10 minute Dynamic Warm by Olympic Champion and founder of BodyICE, Lydia Lassila. 
It will get your snow legs ready for race day and help with your general strength and fitness.

BodyICE is also giving a 30% discount from their entire store, so make sure you’re prepared and have your Recovery Ice packs ready.  Just use Interschools19 at checkout. 

Mogul format changes

As previously published the top 20 individuals (from events with more than 30 starters) from all state Interschools events will qualify for the National Interschools. As a result the Victorian Interschools mogul format will change from a reverse order second run of the top 15 ranked skiers from the first run to a reverse order second run for the top 20.

11.2 Competition format

The competition will consist of a competition run for all competitors, followed by a reverse order second run for the top 20 placed skiers from the first run. The individual ranking will be determined by the best score achieved by all competitors for either the first run or second run at the Victorian Interschools.

New Athlete Pathways for Alpine and Snowboard Cross

Navigating the pathway to high performance snowsport has just become easier with the release of Ski and Snowboard Australia’s (SSA) Athlete Pathways.

Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Cross are the first athlete pathways to be developed using Sport Australia’s FTEM framework which divides ‘the whole of sport pathway continuum’ into four phases – Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery. FTEM recognises that each stage of sport development is unique and is an important stepping stone for athletes with a goal to succeed in high performance sport.

SSA Performance Pathway and Program Manager Ben Wordsworth, said the pathways had been developed to inform every member of the snowsport community about the stages of an athlete’s development journey.

“SSA’s athlete pathways have been prepared to make it easier for all participants to understand an athlete’s road to success,” Wordsworth said.

“They’re an evidence-based and practicable blueprint for athlete development.

“Whether you participate recreationally or compete at an elite level, the pathways support all stages of athlete development,” he said.

The pathways promote a collaborative approach between clubs, coaches and sport partners and provide practical methods to maximise and manage long-term athlete development opportunities. 

Each stage of the SSA athlete pathway provides an overview of athlete preparation, programs, on and off-snow development, equipment, competition, leadership and support.

In encouraging news, FTEM has been proven at elite international level in other successful snowsport countries.

While the Alpine and SBX athlete pathway guides are the first to be released, work is currently being undertaken to finalise all other discipline pathways and should be available shortly.

More information on SSA athlete pathways is available below and here.

Download Alpine Pathway Brochure

Download Snowboard Cross Pathway Brochure

2XU Primary School participant growth prizes

As reward to the Primary Schools that achieve significant growth from 2018 to 2019 the following prizes will be awarded following the conclusion of the 2019 events.

Primary School with 6 or more competitors in 2018 that achieve the greatest participant growth in 2019

  • 1st prize $1000 of 2XU clothing or compression products
  • 2nd prize $700 of 2XU clothing or compression products

Primary School with 5 or less competitors in 2018 that achieve the greatest participant growth in 2019

  • 1st prize $800 of 2XU clothing or compression products
  • 2nd prize $500 of 2XU clothing or compression products

Make sure you check out the 2XU Thermal compression tights.

Thanks goes to our event partner 2XU for making this a possibility

2019 Interschools Rule Changes

2019 Victorian Interschools Rules have been published. Rule changes for 2019 are listed below

7.2 Race Suits
Race suits are permitted in Divisions 1-4 Alpine events. Race suits are however not permitted in
Division 5 & 6 Alpine events.

7.3 High Fluoro wax
High Fluoro wax and Fluorocarbon liquid sprays are not permitted. The Victorian Interschools Committee reserves the right to
conduct spot checks on competitor equipment.

DNF rule for Alpine, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS, Snowboard Cross (No longer 10 second rule)

7.8 Disqualifications
A racer abandons if he or she comes to a complete stop on the course. The racer must exit to the
side of the course as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the next racers run. They will
record a DNF for that run.

1.3 National Selection
From the Victorian and NSW Interschools Championships subject to competitive times/scores, the
top six (6) placed teams plus the top twenty (20) individual competitors (or top 15 in events with
less than 30 starters),
from Divisions 1-6 in Alpine and Ski Cross and Divisions 1-5 in Moguls,
Snowboard Cross, Snowboard GS, Cross Country Classic and Cross Country relay disciplines will be
eligible to race in the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. (subject always to the
discretion of the organising State Committee).
From the State Slopestyle Championships, up to the top twenty individual competitors from
Division’s 1-3, having received a minimum acceptable score, will be eligible to compete in the
Australian Interschools Championships.

5.2 Course workers and course maintenance
All course maintenance work is carried out under the direction of the Chief of Course.
This is generally ‘side slipping’ carried out by Resort Race Department Staff and/ or Resort Snow
Sports Staff. At all events an event staff member will lead regular course slipping groups
during the first and second competition runs. The course slippers will be skiers only. The
staff member will at the top of the course ask for competitors that have completed their
run as well as other appropriately skilled spectators, teachers and parents to join the
course slip group. The group will be lead and directed by the staff member through the
It is not permitted for competitors who are yet to race in that particular run to take part
in the course slipping group.

MOGUL SKI WORLD Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships 2019

A Natural Partnership

Mogul Ski World are proud naming rights sponsors of the 2019 Victorian and Australian Interschools Snowsport Championships. As Australia’s leading snow travel agency, we are passionate about snowsports and encouraging participation through local and global travel. This partnership is a natural fit for our organisation, who are committed to supporting the development of snowsports athletes and we look forward to strengthening this association into the future.

About Us

Mogul Ski World are global snow travel specialists with 30+ years of industry leading experience and client service. Renowned for their unbeatable knowledge, service and advice, the team have personally visited each resort and property to ensure their knowledge is beyond compare. The team at Mogul Ski World are passionate skiers and boarders, as well as snow travel experts, and therefore understand the complexities of a snow holiday and are committed to ensuring each snow holiday they book is extraordinary.

2019 Event Poster

The 2019 Mogul Ski World Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships Poster has been published. The poster can be downloaded and printed.

Posters may also be picked up from the Ski and Snowboard Australia office at 105 Pearl River Rd Docklands.

BodyICE Partnership

We are delighted to announce that BodyICE has become a partner of Victorian Interschools! BodyICE is offering all Interschools participants an amazing discount of 30% storewide by using the coupon code INTERSCHOOLS19 at checkout.

BodyICE was founded by Winter Olympic Gold and Bronze medallist Lydia Lassila in 2006 when she suffered a devastating knee injury. She was frustrated with the lack of cold therapy products on the market that wouldn’t stay cold or stay in place which inspired her to create BodyICE - the most practical, effective and affordable cold and heat therapy solution on the market.

Check out the full BodyICE Recovery Range of joint specific ice and heat packs and learn about how BodyICE was started and its features
Make sure to also check out The BodyICE mental training page where you can access resources and mind training techniques that Lydia herself used to become a champion in sport and life. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity.

Multiclass event information for all schools

The Multiclass event hosted at the Victorian Interschools since 2013 is an opportunity for students from any Victorian School with a physical or intellectual impairment to participate in a fun and welcoming environment. Please click here for more information on the Multiclass program around the Victorian Interschools.

In 2019 for the second year NSW and Victorian Interschools Multiclass participants will qualify to attend the National Interschools at Mt Buller on Friday the 6th of September.

Chair, Victorian Interschools Committee

Dear Victorian Interschools Community

The National footprint of Interschools Snowsports continues to grow, introducing more and more young competitors to our sport.

The National Interschools Committee (NIC) has finalised plans for the 2019 season - it will be our largest on record, with 36 event-days across four Australian resorts.

2019 will see widespread consultation with the Australian Interschools community and our valued School Snowsports Coordinators as we plan for the 2020-2030 period. We will seek to further align our events programme to the SSA Pathways and Athlete Development programmes with a focus on three core themes - sustainability, safety and success.

This update provides important information on 2019 Interschools rule changes, workshops and other major events.

We look forward to another successful Interschools season and wish all involved a rewarding experience.


Dean Gosper

Chair, Victorian Interschools Snowsports

President, Ski & Snowboard Australia

SSA Participation and Sport Development 2019


  • To increase participation and community engagement in competitive Snowsports at all levels.

Strategic Priority:

  • To convert participants into competitors.

Operational Priorities:

  • Maintain development of Snowracer as a single centralised digital platform for all Snowsports competitions. This includes Event Entry, Event HQ, Live-Timing / Live-Scoring, and access to Results.
  • Promote Participation in competition via Snowracer and other participation initiatives.
  • Improve Coaching and Officiating to Interschools and other Pathway levels, through the development of a new SSA Officiating Framework that will include online training opportunities.

2019 Australian Interschools at Mt Buller

The 2019 Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships will be hosted at Mt Buller from Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th of September. A summary event schedule will be published in early 2019.

Alpine and Snowboard GS Course slippers

As an initiative to maximise the quality of all 2018 Subaru Victorian Interschools Alpine and Snowboard GS race conditions the following will be implemented:

At all events an event staff member will lead regular course slipping groups during the first and second competition runs. The course slippers will be skiers only. The staff member will at the top of the course ask for competitors that have completed their run as well as other appropriately skilled spectators, teachers and parents to join the course slip group. The group will be lead and directed by the staff member through the course.

It is not permitted for competitors who are yet to race in that particular run to take part in the course slipping group. We trust that team mates that have completed their Alpine run will help with at least one course slip per run. This will ensure the best possible race conditions for all as well as the best possible course conditions for all second runs. As snowboarders will not be permitted to course slip we encourage appropriately skilled spectators, parents and teachers who are on skis to assist whenever possible. Your assistance with this important initiative is greatly appreciated. 

Download the Snowracer APP

Where do I find the APP?

Download the Snowracer APP today – click here . The Snowracer APP is free to download via the Google Play Store or the Apple App store 

The full Snowracer APP features include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Live timed races and live scored events
  • Results
  • SnowID Lookup
  • Cowbell
  • Access to SSA's social pages
  • Links to snow cams
  • Live weather conditions
  • Links to Australian ski resort websites

Concussion Management Guidelines

Ski & Snowboard Australia is committed to protecting the health and well-being of everyone that participates in snowsports. It is for this reason that SSA has introduced the concussion guidelines in conjunction with HeadSmart with the aim of providing information and advice for non-medical people who are involved with skiing and snowboarding at any level. These guidelines apply to the care of snowsports participants from beginners and intermediates through to recreational experts and sub-elite or elite competitors. Everyone’s brain is equally important and deserves the benefit of concussion management according to current international scientific guidelines.

Additionally, the guideline allows for the Ski and Snowboard Australia community to access the same high standards of care that are available to full-time professional athletes. Our common goal is to achieve a successful return to sport, with full recovery and readiness for competition, minimising short-term risks and long-term health consequences. It is written for the benefits of athletes, parents, teachers, coaches, peers, and any program directors or support staff.

Click here for more information and the Concussion Management Guidelines

YETI new school discount offer

Buller Ski Lifts are delighted to offer schools that have never participated in a school trip to Mt Buller extraordinary discounts of 75% for a first year, 50% in the second year and 25% in the third year of participation. Please click on the quick link file for complete YETI program details.