Cross Country Championships

Active chip number is the same number as your Classic bib #

In a continued effort to improve every aspect of the Victorian Interschools the 2019 Mogul Ski World Victorian Interschools Cross Country Championships will for the first time be using active timing bracelet chips. 

  • Schools will be allocated printed bibs for the Classic and Relay events to be pinned to the chest of each competitor
  • Schools will also be allocated with active chip bracelets with the same numbers as their Classic bib numbers
  • Competitors will wear the same active chip bracelet for their Relay event
  • Active chips are to be returned in the finish area of the Relay event or the Classic event for those that are only competing in the classic event
  • Failure to return an active chip will result in the issuing of an invoice to the relevant school

Victorian Interschools Committee statement on XC Wax rule

Schools are reminded of the new waxing rule for this years Victorian Interschools Championships.  The rule is designed to encourage a level playing field for competition and aligns with an initiative being adopted by SSA’s National Cross Country Committee for all club and state level Cross Country races.

While the rule will be based on an honour system and peer group review, Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect or test waxing practices in the interest of fairness.

The Victorian Interschools Committee has every confidence that participating schools and competitors will respect this new rule.

The specific rule is set out below.

Cross Country wax rule 12.2 
Only no-fluoro or low-fluoro waxes are to be used for glide waxing (such as Swix LF7, LF8 or LF10), with no high-fluoro waxes or high/pure fluorocarbon coats (liquids, powders, blocks) to be used