2019 Interschools Rule Changes

2019 Victorian Interschools Rules have been published. Rule changes for 2019 are listed below

7.2 Race Suits
Race suits are permitted in Divisions 1-4 Alpine events. Race suits are however not permitted in
Division 5 & 6 Alpine events.

7.3 High Fluoro wax
High Fluoro wax and Fluorocarbon liquid sprays are not permitted. The Victorian Interschools Committee reserves the right to
conduct spot checks on competitor equipment.

DNF rule for Alpine, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS, Snowboard Cross (No longer 10 second rule)

7.8 Disqualifications
A racer abandons if he or she comes to a complete stop on the course. The racer must exit to the
side of the course as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the next racers run. They will
record a DNF for that run.

1.3 National Selection
From the Victorian and NSW Interschools Championships subject to competitive times/scores, the
top six (6) placed teams plus the top twenty (20) individual competitors (or top 15 in events with
less than 30 starters),
from Divisions 1-6 in Alpine and Ski Cross and Divisions 1-5 in Moguls,
Snowboard Cross, Snowboard GS, Cross Country Classic and Cross Country relay disciplines will be
eligible to race in the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. (subject always to the
discretion of the organising State Committee).
From the State Slopestyle Championships, up to the top twenty individual competitors from
Division’s 1-3, having received a minimum acceptable score, will be eligible to compete in the
Australian Interschools Championships.

5.2 Course workers and course maintenance
All course maintenance work is carried out under the direction of the Chief of Course.
This is generally ‘side slipping’ carried out by Resort Race Department Staff and/ or Resort Snow
Sports Staff. At all events an event staff member will lead regular course slipping groups
during the first and second competition runs. The course slippers will be skiers only. The
staff member will at the top of the course ask for competitors that have completed their
run as well as other appropriately skilled spectators, teachers and parents to join the
course slip group. The group will be lead and directed by the staff member through the
It is not permitted for competitors who are yet to race in that particular run to take part
in the course slipping group.