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Multiclass event information for all schools

The Multiclass event hosted at the Victorian Interschools since 2013 is an opportunity for students from any Victorian School with a physical or mental disability to participate in a fun and welcoming environment. Please click here for more information on the Multiclass program around the Victorian Interschools.

In 2018 for the first time NSW and Victorian Interschools Multiclass participants will qualify to attend the National Interschools at Perisher on Saturday the 8th of September.

2018 Interschools Rule changes

The 2018 Victorian Interschools Event rules have been published. All new rules or adjustments are highlighted in blue in the rule document. Below is a summary of changes for 2018.

Division 6 Alpine Race Suits

Race suits are permitted in Divisions 1-5 Alpine events. Race suits are however not permitted in Division 6 Alpine events.

Ski and Snowboard Cross clothing start protocol

The staff member (normally the assistant chief of course) responsible for the start area line up will assess if competitors clothing meets the Jacket and Pants clothing rules. If they do not they will be told to change to compliant clothing before being permitted to start the race. Failure to change into compliant clothing will result in a disqualification prior to the start.

Slopestyle top 15 qualification to Nationals

In Ski Slopestyle and Snowboard Slopestyle events, up to the top fifteen (15) Division 1,2 and 3 individuals only from NSW, QLD and ACT (collectively), plus up to the top fifteen (15) Division 1, 2 and 3 individuals only from Victoria, regardless on state team ranking, will qualify to compete at the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. All competitors that achieve a top 15 placing must also meet a minimum acceptable score to qualify for the National Interschools. The minimum acceptable score will be determined by the National Interschools Committee following the completion of the State events. No National Championship points will be awarded to Slopestyle event results and only individual medals will be awarded at the Nationals.

Concussion Management Guidelines

Ski & Snowboard Australia is committed to protecting the health and well-being of everyone that participates in snowsports. It is for this reason that SSA has introduced the concussion guidelines in conjunction with HeadSmart with the aim of providing information and advice for non-medical people who are involved with skiing and snowboarding at any level. These guidelines apply to the care of snowsports participants from beginners and intermediates through to recreational experts and sub-elite or elite competitors. Everyone’s brain is equally important and deserves the benefit of concussion management according to current international scientific guidelines.

Additionally, the guideline allows for the Ski and Snowboard Australia community to access the same high standards of care that are available to full-time professional athletes. Our common goal is to achieve a successful return to sport, with full recovery and readiness for competition, minimising short-term risks and long-term health consequences. It is written for the benefits of athletes, parents, teachers, coaches, peers, and any program directors or support staff.

Click here for more information and the Concussion Management Guidelines

2018 Important Dates

The 2018 Important Dates document is now published on the Important Documents page of the website. Please refer to it for School Coordinator meeting date as well as important event entry closure dates.

Victorian Interschools athletes selected to the 2018 Winter Olympic Team

Congratulations to the entire 51 strong Australian Winter Olympic team that will compete at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. In particular we congratulate and wish every success to the 13 former Victorian Interchools participants lead by our three current and past World Champions found on the Victorian Interschools Trophies below: Britt Cox (Mogul Skiing), Scotty James (Snowboard Halfpipe) and Alex Chumpy Pullin (Snowboard Cross)

  • Scotty James: (Snowboard Halfpipe) Southwood BGS
  • Britt Cox: (Mogul Skiing) Scots School Albury
  • Alex Chumpy Pullin: (Snowboard Cross) Mansfield Secondary College
  • Jakara Anthony: (Mogul Skiing) Christian College Geelong
  • Phil Bellingham: (Cross Country Skiing) Mt Beauty Secondary College
  • Cam Bolton: (Snowboard Cross) Melbourne Grammar
  • Belle Brockhoff: (Snowboard Cross) Peninsula Grammar
  • Tess Coady: (Slopestyle Snowboard) St Michaels Grammar School
  • Claudia Gueli: (Mogul Skiing) MLC
  • Anton Grimus: (Ski Cross) Melbourne Grammar
  • Harry Laidlaw: (Alpine Skiing) Mansfield Mt Buller
  • Greta Small: (Alpine Skiing) Albury Primary School
  • Brodie Summers: (Mogul Skiing) St Michaels Grammar

2017 Event Management report

The 2017 Subaru Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships Event Management report is now available. Please pass on the Victorian and Australian Interschools 2018 and 2019 dates to any relevant school contacts for their reference on future calendar planning.

The 2017 School Coordinator survey will distributed over the coming weeks. If you have feedback or a proposed change in mind please contact your school coordinator who will respond to the survey on behalf of your school.


What an Epic 60th Year of the Victorian Interschools

The 2017 Subaru Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships will be one that we won’t forget. This year participants and families celebrated the extraordinary achievement of the 60th consecutive year of the Victorian Interschools at Mt Buller. Cold and mostly sunny days provided incredible competition conditions. The Cross Country events that were based on the Village circuit loop due to blizzard like conditions on the Tirol Flat location on the 6th of August were a tremendous success in the protected venue. 5900 event entries from 190 schools made the 2017 Championships one of the largest ever.

Congratulations to all of our state champion individuals and teams in the 88 individual events held throughout the competition days. Congratulations also to our Champion Schools

  • Primary Co Ed         Melbourne Grammar Grimwade
  • Primary Girls           St Catherines
  • Primary Boys           Scotch College Junior
  • Secondary Co Ed     Geelong Grammar
  • Secondary Girls       St Catherines
  • Secondary Boys       Scotch College

A great thank you is extended to 

  • The 190 School Coordinators who’s efforts and passion make the Interschools possible
  • The 480 Volunteers that make the Interschools possible
  • The Schools support of the Victorian Interschools
  • The Mt Buller Race and Events Dept, Team Buller Riders and Mt Buller Parks teams for building and providing outstanding competition sites
  • Ski and Snowboard Australia results, live timing and scoring teams
  • Mountain Lift Operations, Grooming teams and all other transport and public services for making early event starts possible
  • Subaru for their 14 years of support of the Victorian and Australian Interschools
  • Mt Buller community represented by the Buller Interschools Association made up of Buller Ski Lifts, Mt Buller Resort Management Board, Mt Buller Chamber and the Mt Buller Rate Payers Association
  • The 2500+ school students that took part in the 60th Year of Interschools with such great camaraderie and team spirit

VISC acknowledges past Interschools Chairmen and Life Members

The Victorian Interschools Committee as part of the 60th Year of the Victorian Interschools celebrations wish to acknowledge Chairmen and Life Members of previous entities that have Managed the event over many years. Collectively, these individuals have provided the vision and leadership that has seen more and more Victorian school children enjoy participation and competition across an exciting array of events in an alpine environment.

Chairmen; Mike Tinsley, Roger Kemelfield, Michael David, Tom Swan, David Perkins, Leigh Crang, Debbie Bennett    
Life Members: Rino Grollo, Diana Grollo, Roger Kemelfield, Debbie Bennett, Jane Webster, David Perkins, Martin Soutter, Neil McLennan, David Hibbard 

New Results Search system is here!

The Interschools New Results Search system is now here! In 2016 the launch of Live timing was coupled with every Australian snowsports competitor in Australia being allocated a Snow ID. This has provided the possibility to search for a competitors summary of Interschools results in a given year from 2016. Photos of the event perpetual trophies have been loaded to the "search by event" button. A functionality of zooming in on the names that have been engraved on those trophies has also been added. Names such as current or recent World Champions Scotty James, Britt Cox and Alex "Chumpy" Pullin along with recent World Cup medalists and Olympic athletes Belle Brockhoff, Brodie Summers, Anna Segal, Anton Grimus, Cam Bolton, Katya Crema, Stephanie Hickey, Emily Bamford, Esther Bottomley, Paul Murray along with many others are to be found engraved on the trophies. The "Search for Snow ID" function must be an exact match by first and last name or search by event result to find listed Snow ID. Alternatively a Snow ID can be found on the SSA member lookup at


XTM Heat the Homeless

XTM’s Heat the Homeless 2017: Australians’ wasted jackets could change lives this winter

•    In Australia, more than 105,000 men, women and children are homeless 
•    Australian snow and outdoor label, XTM Performance wants to get 10,000 second-hand jackets into the hands of homeless people in 2017
•    XTM’s Heat the Homeless initiative saw 2,500 pre-loved jackets handed out to homeless people in 2016 

As temperatures drop, on one end of the spectrum winter sport enthusiasts are getting ready to upgrade their gear ready for next season. On the other, men, women and children face chilling winter nights without shelter, and the next few months will see lives lost or threatened by the freezing nights.

This chilling dichotomy of excitement and adventure, and terrible struggles troubled Pete Forras and his team at leading Australian snow and outdoor brand XTM Performance, so they came up with the idea to re-home second hand winter jackets that could bring some warmth to those who need it the most this winter.

“If you are living on the streets, a jacket that might be sitting at the back of someone’s closet can make it a little more bearable out there, especially on those really cold and wet nights,” XTM Performance founder and CEO Forras said. 

"At XTM, we get to work with these innovative technologies and materials to make really cool, highly technical clothes that people want to get their hands on the newest and best of every season, which is great. However the flip side is lots of clothes are being retired early when they still have plenty of life left in them to do what they are essentially made for - warming bodies through winters. 

We want people to give their old jackets a second chance – get them to the collection sites and on the backs of our friends on the streets as soon as we can,” Forras said. 

This winter, the socially-conscious label will partner with their retailers and a group of organisations in the hope of collecting 10,000 second-hand winter jackets from around Australia; adding new partners Anaconda who have collection points at all their stores nationally, and bringing back 2016 charity partners Anonymous X and Hutt St Centre who will be getting the jackets to the people who need it most. 

“Winter really puts a spotlight on the divide between those who have all the luxuries and those who are in need. We have the ability to redistribute and reconnect between these social extremes. We are hoping to get people pulling out their old winter jackets and bringing them into our retail partners’ stores where they can make a little difference to people’s lives,” Forras said.

An idea that was initially thrown around in a staff meeting, the Torquay beach based company launched its national XTM Heat the Homeless initiative for the first time in 2016.

“It just made sense to us - we thought, ‘there are so many high quality jackets now, some only getting a few weeks of wear before being replaced. It would be great to get more life out of these products we are making and get a few hundred of those out to people who could use a warm jacket this winter’,” explains Forras.

Also on this list of legends working together to redistribute some of the wealth and warmth of the snow and fashion industry and share it with the homeless, Humans in Melbourne and Melbourne I Love You founder Chris Cincotta has played a big part in making sure that as many Australians reconsider binning their old jackets this year, getting the word out via his huge social following.

Two days in and a post on Cincotta’s Humans In Melbourne page later, the 2016 target had been smashed with collection points inundated with donated jackets. By the end of winter, more than 2,500 jackets were handed out to men, women and children sleeping rough on Australian streets. 

In 2017, they hope to get four times as many second hand jackets out warming bodies on Australian streets. To donate to XTM’s Heat the Homeless initiative, you can either send your jacket to the XTM Performance team directly at PO Box 422, Torquay VIC 3228 or visit for more distribution sites and information.

For media enquiries, please contact: Emma Hornsey | PR Manager, XTM Performance | E | M 0415 842 801

Thank You Subaru

Thank you to Subaru who are into their 14th year as naming rights partner of the Victorian Interschools. If you are in the market for a 4WD make sure that you test drive the Outback with leather heated seats, anti collision Eye Sight technology, amazing fuel efficiency and fantastic drive-ability in wet and snowy road conditions. Not surprising that it has won best 4WD under $50,000 for a number of years now.

New events and rules for 2017

Division 6 Ski Cross has arrived!

Following the extraordinary success of the Division 6 Alpine events in 2016 the Victorian Interschools have announced Div 6 Ski Cross events for 2017. The Division 6 Alpine and Ski Cross events will also be held at 2017 Australian Interschools hosted at Mt Buller on the 6th to 10th of September. The Div 6 Alpine and Ski Cross events will hold School Championship points at the Victorian and Australian Championships.

Division 3 Alpine Challenger events to include Girls and Boys events in 2017.

In an ongoing effort to improve the experience for all competitors in large Alpine events the Challenger Alpine events will be held for Division 3 Girls and Boys in 2017. The Alpine challenger event aims to provide a fun and slightly less competitive environment for students that are typically not involved in structured seasonal training programs or placed in the top 100 in previous Alpine events. Larger Schools with more than 3 Alpine teams are encouraged to enter the D teams and below into the Challenger event. Medals will be awarded to all top three individuals and teams although no school championship points are awarded in the Challenger events.

Slopestyle events to be extended to Division 3 in 2017.

2017 Interschools Slopestyle Ski and Snowboard events will be held for Division 1-3 Boys and Girls. The two box and two jump course will be set in early to mid August on the upper Skyline Terrain park for students to familiarise themselves with prior to the Championships. The course design and build will be overseen by the Mt Buller Parks team in conjunction with Ski and Snowboard Australia Pipe and Park staff, to maximise its suitability for Interschools. The Victorian Interschools Slopestyle events will not hold any School Championship points in 2017. The top 10 individuals assuming a minimum skill level will qualify for the 2017 Australian Interschools. As with the 2016 Australian Interschools individual medals only will be awarded. No team medals or Championship points will be awarded in the Australian Interschools Slopestyle events.

Ski Cross/Snowboard Cross Clothing rule 4.3 

Ski and Snowboard suits must be two pieces (jacket and pants). The clothing must be loose fitting with at least 60mm gap between the material and the bicep. In addition if the sleeves of the jacket do not have thumb holes and can easily slide up the arm long sleeve undergarments must also be worn.

Cross Country wax rule 12.2 

Only no-fluoro or low-fluoro waxes are to be used for glide waxing (such as Swix LF7, LF8 or LF10), with no high-fluoro waxes or high/pure fluorocarbon coats (liquids, powders, blocks) to be used

Alpine event Volunteers rule 1.10

It is a condition of entry that schools provide volunteer course officials as indicated on the Online Entry system. A volunteer will be required for every 6 Snowboard event entries, every 13 Mogul, Ski Cross or Slopestyle Skiing event entries and for every 10 Alpine Skiing event entries. School Coordinators must allocate their required volunteers to the available events listed on the online entry system

XTM partnership


XTM is a home grown Australian company founded by an original Victorian interschools participant.

We are sold in 22 countries around the world and are the official supplier to the Australian Winter Olympic team in gloves, headwear, socks, apres boots, bags and headwear.

XTM are proud to be associated with the fantastic organisation and event that is the Victorian Interschools. 

If we can help you in any way with your outfitting please contact us on 

or visit our website for your closest stockist or on line store. 

Please also support XTMs heat the homeless campaign by donating your old ski jackets to those that really need them



The Subaru Victorian Interschools is delighted to announce the partnership with 2XU. Please follow the links on this page to see how 2XU compression garments will help you achieve your potential and to see the 2XU customised thermal compression tights with school logo offer.

YETI new school discount offer

Buller Ski Lifts are delighted to offer schools that have never participated in a school trip to Mt Buller extraordinary discounts of 75% for a first year, 50% in the second year and 25% in the third year of participation. Please click on the quick link file for complete YETI program details.