2018 Interschools Rule changes

The 2018 Victorian Interschools Event rules have been published. All new rules or adjustments are highlighted in blue in the rule document. Below is a summary of changes for 2018.

Division 6 Alpine Race Suits

Race suits are permitted in Divisions 1-5 Alpine events. Race suits are however not permitted in Division 6 Alpine events.

Ski and Snowboard Cross clothing start protocol

The staff member (normally the assistant chief of course) responsible for the start area line up will assess if competitors clothing meets the Jacket and Pants clothing rules. If they do not they will be told to change to compliant clothing before being permitted to start the race. Failure to change into compliant clothing will result in a disqualification prior to the start.

Slopestyle top 15 qualification to Nationals

In Ski Slopestyle and Snowboard Slopestyle events, up to the top fifteen (15) Division 1,2 and 3 individuals only from NSW, QLD and ACT (collectively), plus up to the top fifteen (15) Division 1, 2 and 3 individuals only from Victoria, regardless on state team ranking, will qualify to compete at the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. All competitors that achieve a top 15 placing must also meet a minimum acceptable score to qualify for the National Interschools. The minimum acceptable score will be determined by the National Interschools Committee following the completion of the State events. No National Championship points will be awarded to Slopestyle event results and only individual medals will be awarded at the Nationals.